To make the ‘paperwork’ side of a real estate transaction simple and affordable with professionally-prepared FSBO, Land Contract and Deed documents that are ready-for-signature.


RealtyPact is the real estate legal and financial services division of the Standard Legal Network based in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 2002, Standard Legal has sold hundreds of thousands of self-help legal form software titles and provided millions of downloadable legal documents to customers nationwide.

A large number of these self-help software downloads are real estate related documents: Land Contracts, Quitclaim Deeds, For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Home Sale Agreements, Lease Agreements. Plus titles related to real estate transactions via estate planning: Last Will & Testament, Living Trust, Promissory Notes, etc.

Standard Legal has provided document preparation services for most of these same titles, too. And we have sold our document content to other attorneys, paralegals, law firms and national legal companies for their professional use.

The RealtyPact division allows us to focus our professional document preparation efforts on the real estate market specifically, to help Buyers and Sellers get the documents they need in a way that is easy, fully completed, and at an affordable price.

Contact Information:

a division of Standard Legal
8069 Amber Lane
Cleveland, Ohio 44141

Toll Free: 1-800-624-8175


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Remember, RealtyPact is not a lender, mortgage broker or loan originator. We provide real estate document preparation and payment administration services. We do not provide professional legal or financial advice; for such advice, see an attorney or financial planner.



Allen Freeman
Director of Marketing and Operations
Directs the advertising, marketing, sales and technical operations for RealtyPact.

Christopher J. Freeman
Chief Legal Counsel, Director of Content
Oversees all legal content and manages paralegal and staff attorney operations.

Samantha Sarli
Director of Client Services
Handles client contact and administers the online support systems.