A Buyer Can Initiate Seller-Financing

Just because a property isn’t listed with “Seller-Financing Available” or “OWC” doesn’t mean the Seller wouldn’t welcome the conversation. Especially if the property has been on the market for several months!

As with anything in life, “don’t ask, don’t get.”

A Buyer who finds a property he or she really loves can always ask if Seller-Financing (or OWC) might be an option to get a deal done.

And to prove the seriousness behind the request, a Buyer can provide the RealtyPact Fact Sheet [PDF] to the Seller, showing the best way to handle Seller-Financing through our impartial positioning and full oversight.

A Seller who has been sitting on a property waiting for a mortgage-qualified Buyer to appear may be ready and willing to do a seller-financing deal when it’s managed through RealtyPact!

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