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Get a fully-completed Survivorship Deed that is ready for signature, prepared by a professional! Answer some simple questions online or by phone about your property and transaction, then one of our experienced real estate document preparation experts will create your paperwork. It’s easy and affordable! DON’T GUESS ON DO-IT-YOURSELF QUITCLAIM DEED DOCUMENTS: an incorrect form choice, data field error, or filing mistake could cost you thousands. Know that the paperwork is done right and the instructions are complete with RealtyPact!

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Survivorship Deed for one (1) property, which is most commonly used by a husband and wife for their residence. Each person named on this Deed typically owns an undivided interest in the whole of the property. Upon the death of a grantee, his/her interest passes in equal shares to the surviving grantee(s), so the property is not a probate asset. Divorce terminates a survivorship tenancy and creates a tenancy in common, unless agreed to otherwise.

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All documents come with detailed, step-by-step instructions for completion, signing and filing.


Let RealtyPact print your finished legal documents and ship them to you by U.S. First Class Mail along with a backup CD! Simply choose Printed and Mailed with CD as the ‘Finished Document Delivery’ option above the BUY NOW button. When selected, your final documents will be printed and mailed to you promptly upon final content approval — along with a backup CD of those documents!

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Select a delivery option from the dropdown menu then click the BUY NOW button to purchase the RealtyPact Document Preparation Service. Complete the checkout process. On the order confirmation page, an access link to an online interactive questionnaire is provided. Complete the questionnaire. Within three business days, finished PDF legal documents and instructions are emailed to you. If there are any questions or concerns about the PDF documents sent, simply reply to us from that email. If not, sign and execute the documents as instructed. If the delivery option ‘Printed and Mailed with CD’ has been purchased, the documents and instructions will be printed and mailed upon approval of the PDF content sent.

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all major credit cards, debit cards and paypal accepted

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